From the Movie “Mulanay” What are the Socio-Economic and Cultural…

From the Movie “Mulanay” What are the Socio-Economic and Cultural… From the Movie “Mulanay” What are the Socio-Economic and Cultural Variables identified in the movie?  (SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL, CULTURAL)   Social Indicators:a. Communication Network (whether formal or informal channels) necessary for disseminating health information or facilitating referral of clients to the health care system. b. Transportation system – including road networks. c. Educational Level which may be indicative of poverty and may reflect on health perception and utilization pattern of the community. d. Housing conditions which may suggest health hazards (congestion, fire, exposure to elements). Economic Indicators:a. Poverty level income b. Unemployment and underemployment rates c. Proportion of salaried and wage earners to total economically active population d. Type of industry present in the community e. Occupation common in the community Environmental Indicators:a. Physical / geographical/ topographical characteristics of the community  Land areas that contribute to vector problems  Terrain characteristics that contribute to accidents or pose as geohazard zones  Land usage of industry  Climate or season b. Water Supply  – % population with access to safe, adequate water supply  Source of water supply c. Waste disposal  % population served by daily garbage collection system % population with safe excreta disposal system  Types of water disposal and garbage disposal system d. Air, water and land pollution  Industries within the community have health hazards associated with it.  Air and water pollution index                                                 Cultural Factors:a. Variables that may break-up People into Groups within the community such as: Ethnicity, Social Class, Language, Religion, Race, Political Orientation b. Cultural beliefs and practices that affect health c. Concepts about health and Illness  HED 320 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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